What are the Best Alternatives to Dentures in New York?

So many of us have come to assume the only solution to missing or failing teeth are dentures. Even hearing or seeing the word dentures conjures that age-old image in our heads of a set of denture teeth resting overnight in a glass of water on the nightstand. Millions of Americans are searching for the best alternatives to dentures, but it’s important to figure out the best and most permanent method of replacing missing or failing teeth.

For those who tire of removable solutions that require constant upkeep like dentures, the most logical solution is a permanent set of fixed implants. Dental implants can replace as little as one tooth to an entire set of teeth, while eliminating the need for constant removal and re-insertion every night and morning. Dentures supported by dental implants can only be removed or adjusted by a qualified dental practitioner.

Traditional implant-supported dentures are typically made up of acrylic gums and porcelain teeth. These are often more fragile, more prone to breaking down over time due to movement while talking and eating, and more likely to attract plaque and bacteria. Thankfully, a truly modern and permanent solution now exists, the BEST alternative to dentures: The Teeth Tomorrow® Prettau® Zirconia full-arch dental implant bridge!

Every Teeth Tomorrow® Prettau® Zirconia full-arch dental implant bridge provided by Tischler & Patch Dental is composed of a state-of-the-art material designed to resist the wear and tear of everyday life, while remaining lifelike enough to produce the natural appearance of healthy teeth and gums.

Prettau® Zirconia is specifically manufactured to be the most permanent solution to missing or failing teeth. It is stronger and much more durable than acrylic, while remaining flexible enough to be sculpted to your specific smile. It is made of non-porous material, resists stains, and doesn’t attract plaque or bacteria, so you never need to worry about bad breath or gum disease!

If you’ve been searching for the best alternative to dentures, your search is over. Rid yourself of the pain and shame of your missing or failing teeth and be proud of your smile again.

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